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That is the question in today’s trending and ever changing market. Are video resumes the real wave of the future.   I have seen some significant pros and equally significant cons.  Lets take a look over a series of posts to some of the aspects and angles on why the video resume  is either going to sink or swim.  I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

There is no question that video in general is the NOT the wave of the future…it is the present.  Video is here and that point is inarguable.  Sites like the giant and wouldn’t be leading the statistic charts in traffic.  How about youtube’s estimated value at $803 MM, over 366 MM pageviews and making over $1.1MM per DAY in ad revenue. Oh, I almost forgot to say that it is the #3 most trafficked site behind Google and Facebook.  Video is here.

True that the below data is from 2009, (provided by Training Marketer) but in this year, the mentality of advertisers switched to predominately online video.  Why?  Because online videos is wVideo Trends?here you and I are.  The American population is watching TV online, shopping online, watching and more importantly making video online.   This series in video resumes will argue the point on if this medium is valuable.

Before we talk about details behind video resumes such as how to make them, and tips on getting it into the hands of prospective hiring authorities we need to look at it from multiple angles.  The person looking for the job or making the video.  The company perspective and what their outlook on this would be as well as the video resume from a recruiters perspective.

Personally, as an interview guru, I look forward to learning more about if this is going to take off or not.  If it were specifically my opinion, I would say that video resumes will be a very very big hit.  Mark my words.  I have interviewed over 26,000 people over the years and must say that we continue as a population to master the paper resume.  Thousands upon thousands of articles, resume writers, websites on helping people do their resume right.  I feel that the real evolution of the resume is just ahead of us.

Again, what are your thoughts?

Until the next update…Much success!

Darrin Grella, the Interview Guru


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