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Video Resume, Part 4 – Talent Rooster

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Video Resume, Part 4 - Talent Rooster

talentroosterlogoAs we continue our investigation into the intriguing topic of the video resume, I would like to highlight a couple of the services that exist.  Talent Rooster, an online video resume portal connecting job seekers and companies.  Today I interviewed the CEO of Talent Rooster, David DeCapua and discussed the who what where when and why of Talent Rooster.

The idea and development commenced almost 2 years ago and finally launched into existence on May 19, 2010.  After 2.5 months, David mentioned that things are going well with over 1300 professional videos on their site.  Talent Rooster began as an innovative answer to the question on how to better help job seekers increase their odds of getting hired and to assist the recruiting agencies to improve their odds of collecting agency fees.  Let’s be honest, recruiters today are not seeing the same success as in decades past.  Technology and social media has solved the mystery of the age old question, “how do you recruiters find your people?”

What David and his team decided at Talent Rooster:

  • Video Resumes (at Talent Rooster termed, Digital Video Profiles) are awesome
  • The paper resume will be obsolete in 3 years” and his reasoning was that the millennials would never think about sending and email and attaching a word document to it.   With all the social sites, texting and tweeting going on, attachments will be for the birds.
  • At least a 30% increased odds in getting hired with a video resume
  • According to the EEOC, the video resume IS NOT ILLEGAL!
  • Free Service for Job Seekers IF the individual goes to the office of a recruiting agency to get their video recorded. If you do not go to a regional office, the easy to use technology can be accessed for a $39.95 one time fee and $19.95 to update your video.  David feels that this fee will be an easy decision for job seekers.
  • Free Service for Employers to search all video resumes.  The companies do have to pay a placement fee for a candidate that they hire.  Cost varies based on type of hire.
  • Recruiters using Talent Rooster do have to pay a fee to use the service however get paid back over time when someone gets hired.

What is the biggest challenge that Talent Rooster faces? Market Education. Educating recruiters on the advantage of the service.  Educating Job seekers on the increased odds of getting hired.  Educating employers that the traditional resume is going away.

What is the goal of Talent Rooster? Ultimate goal would be for Talent Rooster to replace the traditional resume all together.

Positive Thoughts:  the service is very professional.  The resumes that are created are top-notch and consistent.  That the way Talent Rooster is pitching it, and if you are in their geographical location, it is totally advantageous to use it.  Out of the services that I have investigated, Talent Rooster appears to be the only service that has their act together.

Challenges: Geographically constrained if you want the free service.  I still question the effect and number of employers that are going to Talent Rooster as a destination site to search resumes, especially if they have to pay to hire someone.  I will say that CareerBuilder and Monster charge employers much more to simply post resumes with no promised results.

To see a quick infomercial on Talent Rooster, watch this video: http://www.talentrooster.com/infomercial.html

What do you think about this digital video profile service?

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  • By MegsDad 05 Sep 2010

    Sounds like Talent Rooster is riding the leading edge of change in the Staffing and Recruiting industry.

    As a business owner, I see tremendous value in this for our company. In an age of tightening our financial “belts” this could mean tremendous savings and efficiencies for our HR department.

  • By David DeCapua 05 Sep 2010

    TalentRooster has officially launched their beta “film from home”!! It’s free through the end of September ’10!

  • By sushma 18 Mar 2011

    sounds exciting :-)

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