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How to find a job – Stop Competing and Start Excelling

How to find a job - Stop Competing and Start Excelling

How to find a job – Stop Competing and Start Excelling

Everyone wants to know the job search rules.

* How long should my resume be?
* What should my cover letter say?
* When is the right time to follow up?
* How do I introduce myself in a networking setting?
* Do I list “job seeker” in my LinkedIn heading?
* Should I use Twitter? How often should I tweet?

The list goes on and on. The short answer I tell all of my clients? “There’s no one *right* way to approach a job search.”

It’s not difficult to find many answers to the same question. Experts disagree about how to write resumes, respond to interview questions, what to put in LinkedIn profiles and how to use social media. Ask 5 people a question about job hunting and you may very well be bombarded with 10 opinions.

This month, the Career Collective (a community I co-coordinate with my colleague Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter) addresses the question of job search “rules” and outdated job search beliefs. What are the job search “rules” so we can know which ones to break? The short answer: While there are guidelines and best practices, there are no “rules.” What works for you is not right for your neighbor, and your colleague needs to follow a totally different path to success.

This is frustrating for job seekers. One approach? EMBRACE the [continue reading the full post @ Keepie Careers]

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