How to Answer Interview Question: “What is the most creative thing you have done?”

“What is the most creative thing that you have done?”

What is the motive of this question?  Keep in mind when answering an interview question, a hiring authority has something specific in mind.  They want to see if

#1 you are actually a creative thinker

#2 if what you do is actually creative

#3 can you bring something to this company that is going to help them get to the next level, maintain the current level of creativity OR drag them down.

This is when preparation for an interview becomes effective.  Since you now know that this could be one of the questions, give yourself the advantage and prepare a list of some of your top creative accomplishments and recite the answers in a mirror, with a friend or your interview coach.

A powerful way to answer could be:

  1. State a PROBLEM that you or your team faced. (What was the purpose or reason for a creative solution?)
  2. Discuss the how the creative idea originated and what ACTION plan was implemented. (I recognized a repetitive process that was labor intensive and redundant.  Discussed potential solutions with 2 other team members and together we developed a defined solution and implementation plan)
  3. What were the quantifiable RESULTS from your creative thinking? (Upon implementing this idea company wide, we took the XYZ process from XX hours to X minutes and optimized cost from $XX to $X in a 2 month period.)

Attempt to be direct, concise and to the point.  We do not want to fall into the ramble trap.  If it does turn into a longer “example” then make sure you are checking in with the other person to make sure they are following along.  These check ins or “tie down” statements are simply, “does that make sense?”, “right?”, “OK?”

You get the point.  Wish you much Success!

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